Star Citizen – How To Scrape Your Paint

Gave one of  the new Murray Cup courses a try.


After the .9 update it is clear that ships are faster!


It took a while to get used to the handling. It didn’t help my Comstab/G-Safe indicator seemed to be broken. I tend to fly with those off, but I was never sure what my setting was.

In any case, I see a lot of potential for fun here!

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Star Citizen – Capture the Core – Opinion after a few plays

I’ve played the Capture the Core mode on Star Citizen Arena Commander a few times. It’s pretty fun. Basically it is capture the flag. Standard rules where your core must be present to capture the enemy core.

The cores are in a ring in space. You must fly through the center to grab the core. The fine is plenty wide, and you can miss the core and still go through the ring.


I’ve only played on Broken Moon so far. I’ve seen it proven that grabbing the core and hiding in the asteroids is a valid strategy.

I have also noticed that radar doesn’t pick up everyone everywhere anymore. I have seen the core on the HUD, but not the ship carrying it until the ship passes into view from behind an object. This is new. Previously, all ships were visible always.

I fly the speedy 300i with the shields on rear up to max. Since this covers the majority of my ship, it offers a lot of protection. It’s pretty easy to snag the core and fly back for a capture if our core is present. I don’t die that much, but neither do I get that many kills.

I’m not sure if the weapon strength is a lot less, ships are tougher, or there is some bug, but there is a lot less dying as far as I can see. I tend to be able to hit things, so just not sure. I should play Squadron Battle to see how it compares, see if this change is across the board.

Network issues appear to be non-existent now. This is after multi-player was opened to everyone! This provides a much better experience.

I enjoy the new mode! It’s good to have a 300i, which I see holding the majority in CTC, which feels suited for the job of running cores. Because there is more than just Pew Pew, I think I favor this mode so far.

15 minute live play:


If you’d like to know more about Star Citizen, check out the Official Site, as well as the Guard Frequency podcast, of which I’m the community manager of.

Space Station Escape – Game Design

Space Station Escape is a game about a mad scientist who has created terrible creatures with plans to unleash them to cleanse the planet below of humanity. A secret agent has infiltrated the station to rig it to explode. At the last moment as the Agent rights the station’s power core to overload, the mad scientist discovers the plot and ruptures the hull of the agent’s craft, but both the agent and the mad scientist are in a mad race to the lone escape pod, using gear and weapons they pick up on the way to get past obstacles such as monsters (gosh, somehow they got released in all the chaos!), fires, fallen bulkheads, locked doors, and security systems gone haywire.

I have only played this once, with myself, but thought I’d post it, and see what people thought.

Give it a play, and let me know if it works, or is broken. Then maybe I can fix it. I’ll play it more too.

Additional info on the process after game instructions below.

See the game posted on Unpub!

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