Father’s Day 2011 – A story for my dad

I asked my dad what he wanted and he said to write a story about how he influenced my life. Here’s that story, that doesn’t even cover a but an iota of a fraction of the entire subject. But here it is anyways. Games, games, and more games. A whole day of games. Games where you make bugs out of playdough then splat them with a foot, races with cars that fall off the map if you are too slow, games I never even got to try. What goes good with games? Candy! Sarsaparilla! More candy! Cookies, root beer, and some punch the color red, with a bit of cracker ot summer sausage thrown in for good measure. The day of gaming is done, and I’ve eaten all my small body can handle, but wait! Candy shaped like Legos; pure sugar! I (over)indulge, and the whole car ride home I feel ill. Once home, I void my tummy into the potty. Gaming and not eating too much candy, two things my Father taught me, both by action and inaction, respectivley.

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