Good Times at Rose City Comic Con

I was excited to go to the Rose City Comic Con this year! I had one main goal; to meet Ethan Nicolle and get my Axe Cop books signed.

To start we got our badges and waited in line to enter. Amazingly, in a plain room with no cordons, the staff aligned everyone waiting in a snake pattern and when the doors opened, everyone continued in a nice, orderly fashion. It’s great when humanity works together.

Once inside, we roamed the booths looking for the objective, and after a bit of searching, we found the table labeled Ethan Nicolle. But he wasn’t there yet. So we went and looked around some more.

The most fun I had was looking at the cosplay artists. There was some really costumes!



Eventually we got back around and Ethan Nicolle was at his table. But while I waited for him to be free I met Keith Tucker, an artist for Pinky and the Brain, one of my favorite childhood cartoons. He was fun to talk to.


When Ethan was available I introduced myself, and said talked out the podcast he was on (Nobody’s Listening) back in the day. I got my books signed.

IMG_20130921_104628 - Copy


I also for a limited edition sketch book and he asked what I wanted as a sketch. I thought about it for a bit and then asked for a Unisquid!



Achievement unlocked!

It was fun to walk around and see the sights and merchandise, and the beautiful artwork. I got my books signed and a unique sketch. Much fun.

I’ll be going next year.

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  1. Crystal A. says:

    Love the unisquid! :)

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