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Everything is getting steampunked! Birdhouses, NERF guns, and more!

Gift Guide Tiny tiny steampunks can now ride in a miniature steampunk walker! Sneak it onto the game table to mow down orcs or to give your fellow mechwarriors a laugh! Just beware of ewoks wearing goggles and steam power log jams.
Is your home infested with the songs of blue birds? Do you constantly find parakeets in your vacuum tubes? Give these fowl friends a home of their own! No need to have birds interrupting your experiments and making nests if your constructs, just put up some steampunk birdhouses, complete with gears, cogs, pipes and ornament! Nerf Maverick Nite Finder Steampunk Gun Under fire? Need to shoot back, but don’t want to kill your opponent? NERF is your answer! Daze and confuse your opponents with foam darts, then when they are no longer blasting hot lead your way, show them the beautiful design of your non-lethal weapons and become instant friends as you admire the ornate craftsmanship and exciting colors!
The cover of Victory.
This book looks very interesting. It’s all about science and wonder and adventures! Victory is an onslaught of action-packed scientific adventure in full-spectrum color – containing facts that every boy and literate girl should know. Click the image for an in depth review.

Finally in the Steam Theater is It Shines, Shakes and Laughs. It is very strange. Watch the seven minute movie here.

A Weekend of Steampunk 11-28-09

First this this week I was off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of steampunk Oz, in five parts! One Two Three Four Five or All At Once! Want to make a shiny for your pretty? Need help learning how to turn a rusty old rivet into a stunning work of jewelry? Don’t wait for those tiny cogs to string themselves and pre-order Steampunk Style Jewelry from Ornamentea and get a free starter kit with all manner of nifty gears and gizmos! Speaking of gizmos, read about a new game Machinarium and try the demo. It’s a whimsical point-and-click adventure, a style of game play that I grew up with. I played the demo for a few minutes and am waiting to get back to it. Got an old watch? Turn it into something ornamental. Good heavens! A book with a beautiful cover and it’s full of sky pirates and goggles and steam! Some lovely Second Life attire that is both whimsy and perfect for that fancy dance ball. Tired of setting your bubbling drinks on a boring end or coffee table while watching the teletubes? Try these tables on for size. I’m thinking of getting a land tank to defend from whatever nefarious ruffians and/or zombies that might try to attack. Donations accepted to help me defend the world by purchasing one. I found a gallery with some generally wonderful steampunk imagery, including an octopus pendant. Want some books? Here are some suggestions. Some more Second Life goodness: Steampunk Pixies! (And how to become one!) Would a steampunk synthesizer make mechtronica music? For the grand finale, and I do mean grand, check out these amazing moving pictures of Fleet Week in New Babbage, STEAMPUNK TOWN! Seriously, this is fantastic, beautiful, and wonderful.