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Restarting on the right foot

I restarted making the statue leg in Blender. As I go I learn new things or make a mistake, and I find that it is many times easier to start again than to fit what I already have. For instance I learned how to “cut” a box into several pieces so you can make individual bits all using the same base sculpted object. If you can see it in the picture I made each section separate, but they are actually connected with a tiny strand. The stand should be invisible in SL. What you see in the picture will become the toes and part of the foot. I’ll need several more pieces like this to make each of the parts. Then in SL they can be linked together to make the whole. Just now I had a scary moment when I thought I forgot to make the correct amount of pieces for the toe, then I remembered it is a four-toed statue.

The Snowggoth – An Icy Winter Monster, And It’s Right Next To Me!

To decorate Turtle Beach for winter I ventured out to make my first real Second Life building project. I wanted to make an icy, snowy creature rising from the sea and climbing onto the beach. While it looks nothing like I originally intended, I am really happy with the result. This is what I created, the Snowggoth!: Snowggoth The tentacles are sculpted tree limbs Trill gave me. I resized them and they stopped looking so much like tree limbs. Everything else I made from scratch. The body is spheres. I just fiddled with the settings and learned about what kinds of things I could do. Then I put a bunch together and moved them around. The eyes were easy to make, a sphere inside a hollow sphere slit open. Those are my favorite part. I made three versions of them and scattered them about. The maw was the hardest part to get to look right. I tried all kinds of things and ended up with two round plates, see through with a black water sprite with a motion script in them. I have them going in different directions to give the illusion of depth. I think it works pretty good. I’m pretty happy with it overall, and really a whole lot better then I thought I’d end up with. Next year I should know sculpting a lot better so I can make it even better.